From Heart To Eye To Hand

Lilellen (Ellen) Boroch is a native Californian whose gift for creating art began developing at an early age. Her love for art began at Sycamore Elementary School in Claremont, California, where she would hurry through her assignments so she could draw pictures in her notebooks. Having limited professional training, her pieces reflect pure talent and unique perspective.

Painting mostly in watercolors and mixed media, Ellen is drawn primarily to figure, color and one-dimensional works that are simplistic and free-flowing. Her joyous and playful nature is expressed in all her pieces. Ellen is always open to experimenting with new mediums as she truly has a passion for art. She also possesses a keen eye for photography. She has experience in oil, acrylic, paint mediums, pastels, charcoal, collages and more. She has been commissioned for work and some of her paintings can be seen in various local businesses as well as the Mountain Arts Gallery located in the Lake Arrowhead Village.

Ellen is currently a board member of Mountain Arts Network and has been a member for over seven years. She also painted with a group of artists in Crestline for several years. She met once a week at the home of her mentor, Thomas Hickson, for critique, honesty, and insight to motivate her and nurture her talent. She admits, "Painting has helped me find my place in life." Currently, she is enjoying painting with award winning artist Sylvia Mergerdichian and the Art Box artists in Upland where Sylvia "encourages each artist to follow his or her calling."

Ellen's technique and skill have evolved immensely and her subject matter has transformed from flowers and landscapes to figurative and portraiture which she strives to capture the beauty in everyday life and the emotion of people. She loves to paint from old black and white photos and will often take an ordinary photograph and bring it to life with color and a style all her own.

Ellen enjoys living in Lake Arrowhead where she paints daily. She also appreciates photography, crafts and drawing. She enjoys spending time outdoors, doing crosswords and puzzles and cherishes time with her husband, son and his wife and her grandson.

Please visit her website at www.ellenboroch.com and please feel free to contact her through email at eboroch@gmail.com.